So, this is NOT an acting blog. There will be some general advice on acting here and there, some tips and tricks and traps to avoid, but all in all this is just a place to get some advice on how to approach your life as a young person who has been chosen by a theatrical career. I would love to hear requests, and I’ll do my best to address them. All I hope for is that you take from the stuff I write what works for you, and leave what doesn’t, and that it does indeed work for you. I’ve been an actor, a mother, director, stage manager, choreographer, and a teacher of all things theatre for probably longer than you have been alive, in general I know what I’m talking about. But your life is YOUR life, and you need to read carefully and decide what’s right for you, not just take it on blind faith that I’m right for everyone. Feel free to share, repost, comment, etc, just keep it clean and respectful. Thanks!